Careers at the Spartanburg Humane Society

Right now we are looking for dedicated animal loving individuals and are hiring for Animal Care Technicians as well as Customer Service Representatives. To find out more information about each position please click the drop downs to the right. If you are interested in applying for a closed position, you are welcome to fill out an application to go on file with us.  

If you have any questions about a position listed please feel free to email us at

Associate Veterinarian

Responsible for the day to day evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation efforts of animals brought to the shelter, doing surgery in a high volume spay and neuter setting, and seeing low income and adoption clients for wellness care.

Vet Assistant

This position is part of a team that evaluates and treats the shelter animals that arrive in need of veterinary care as well as the facilitation of the public wellness appointments; also provides the preparatory work, cleaning, and record keeping that is required to support those services.  Must be computer literate and attention to detail is paramount.  Customer service and animal handling skills are required. Shifts may vary.

Animal Care Technician

Animal care technicians provide humane care of all animals in the shelter, including, but not limited to, cleaning, feeding, watering and monitoring animal health behavior.  They also counsel and educate potential adopters and customers at the Spartanburg Humane Society. Animal Care Technicains work 4, 10 hour shifts a week from 8am-7pm. Must be available to work weekends. 

Customer Service Representative

Counsels and educates potential adopters and customers at Spartanburg Humane Society. Also responsible for the cleaning, feeding, watering and monitoring animal health and behavior the animals in the front office of our building (cats, birds, small furry friends, etc.) Customer Service Representatives must be comfortable working with public. We have a high call volume, and our customer service representatives are responsible for answering questions the public may have or referring them to the appropriate department. Hours are 9:30-6:30pm, 5 days a weeks. Must be available to work Saturdays. 

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator responds to all inquiries regarding the volunteer program. Volunteers are the heart of the Spartanburg Humane Society. The Volunteer Coordinator recruits and trains new volunteers to increase their understanding of the Spartanburg Humane Society’s mission and services. The Volunteer Coordinator regularly updates volunteers on: new policies, new procedures, revisions to policies, revisions to procedures and upcoming volunteer opportunities. The Volunteer Coordinator provides feedback to volunteers and any guidance that they may need. Must be a people person, and of course an animal lover. You need to know how to prioritize, how to give guidance and correction without hurting feelings.  Due to a lot of our adoption events being held on Saturdays, the Volunteer Coordinator MUST be able to work a varying schedule- early mornings and late evenings AND that events and trainings that occur on the weekends.

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